Hardcore Holly wrestling sign

He looks a bit crazy on this sign, Hardcore Holly! This was when I was stuck with trying to draw the wrestlers faces and as you can see I was not very succesfull here either. This was the first of our "We came to see..."-signs and it serves its purpose but thats about it. We once met Hardcore in the restaurant at the hotel we were staying at in Finland. He stopped by our table and said a few words, signed two autographs and then walked along to where the other wrestlers were sitting. One thing one can say about Hardcore is that he had huge biceps and beeing slammed by him must hurt like h...

Big Vito wrestling sign

Here is another example of our wrestlingsign-curse. As soon as we did this one Big Vito changed his character and starting wearing a skirt. Somehow the message "The Real Italian Stallion" seemed a bit out of touch. I proceeded in drawing anothoer Vito-sign where I used the movie-poster from the famous Marilyn Monroe-movie "The Seven Year Itch" but as soon as I had sketched it up, Vito was fired! So that one went into the dumpster. However we got to use this sign at one event but I doubt that Vito saw us, just like the time we met him in a hotel-lobby!

Scotty 2 Hotty wrestlingsign

There is not much to say about this one since we never have used it. Scotty was billed a few times for the events that we have been to but he has never been there so the sign has always stayed in the suitcase. Its not a bad sign, suits Scottys image but since he has left the WWE I seriously doubt that we ever will get to use it.