Jimmy Wang Yang wrestling sign

Not much to say about this one. I made it just before we went to Barcelona last fall and I did not come up with anything catchy so I let the picture speak instead. Since I am not doing faces anymore I am quite happy with this one. It stands out and is easily spotted in a crowd. We did meet, overstatement, Jimmy at the airport but since he just walked pass us when he was going to the check-in we never really got time to speak to him. We should have had the sign up, maybe he would have stopped then. We will keep the sign till next time, it does not go out of date, or until Jimmy changes his gimmick, if he ever does. Anyways, it took some time to make but as we said

The Big Show wrestling signs

Thinking of the Big Show we needed something big so the signs I made for him are, big! Unfortunately they were made during my "face-painting"-period and therefore they are not very good. As an extra bonus I made the signs during his "shaved"-period, which did not last long, so the signs were out of date before we got to use them. We have met Big Show once and he was really a huge person with huge hands. One of the best photos we have of my kids with wrestlers, and we do have a lot, is the one with Big Show, the size difference is staggering and that makes it a special photo. Big Show was, as most wrestlers are, a nice person and he did seem to have a good sense of humour as well. Anyway, the first sign, "Chokeslam me to oblivion" is the one you see below. The only thing I was happy about with this one was his Tiger-tattoo that actually looks real good, the rest, well, try another one was my first thought!

And thats just what I did! Unforunately the second sign came out crappy as well. I like the slogan that I came up with, "The Big Show, so big it hurts", which can be read in many ways, but since I went for antoher facejob it just sucked. News on the Internet is saying that the Big Show is coming out of retirement and has signed a new deal with the WWE so I will just have to make a good sign for him the next time. Not necessarily big, I think thats were I went wrong for starters.

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