MVP wrestling sign

Another sign that took some time to make but still is very simple. We thought for a long time on what to write on a sign for Montel Vontavius Porter, MVP, and all that we could come up with was "BETTER". MVP beeing a kind of a flashy player needed a little more bling than that so thats were the stars in gold and silver came in. We have never met MVP, we were quite close to where he was sitting at the airport in Barcelona but since he had his headphones on we did not want to disturb him. Anyways, the sign is OK but I think we will produce another one till next time we go and see the WWE.

Charlie Haas wrestling sign

Sometimes less is more and thats probably the right words for this sign that we made for Charlie Haas. Its a simple sign with straight text and some shading. Once again I have used the wrestlers name to give the sign a twist and all I can say is that I am happy with it and that I am quite sure that Charlie Haas would be as well. We have met Charlie briefly so we never got time to take a photograph but my son got an autograph that sits in his album. Maybe next time there will be a minute or so over for a photo, especially if we have the sign with us.

Victoria wrestling sign

Another simple sign with a plain message, "Victoria, a real stunner!". And there is not much more to say about that text, Victoria is a real stunner in the ring and she will stunn anyone with her "Widows Peak". In real life, she is a stunner too and that can be seen in the photograph below the sign.

We had a brief meeting with Victoria and she was really nice to us. She did have a remark about my daughters Trish Stratus T-shirt, but with a smile, so we promised to get a nice Victoria-one for her instead. Its already done!

Joey Mercury wrestling sign

This is another wrestler that has been struck by our wrestlingsign-curse, as soon as we make one, the wrestler gets fired our quits! This sign is for Joey Mercury, once a part of the tagteam MNM with Johnny Nitro and Melina. Now Johnny is no longer Nitro, he is Morrison, Melina is no longer with the MNM and Joey is no longer with the WWE.

The sign, which is a rather large one, is a play with words and we are quite happy with it. We thought that "MERCURY IS NOT A PLANET, MERCURY IS A STAR, A WWE-STAR" was quite witty! Also the "Joey"-background and the WWE-logo was not to shabby.

Here is my kids with Joey Mercury when we met him and you cant really see it on the photo but he does have quite a nasty bump in the head after he took a doomsday-device from Animal & Heidenreich the night before that did not work out as planned.

Chris Benoit wrestling sign

We were not sure if we should show this sign or not, considering what Chris Benoit did to his family, and to himself. After much concideration we still thought that we should. At the time we made the sign Chris Benoit was still alive so what we wrote then we did mean. We still think that Chris benoit was a great wrestler and the two separate occations we met him at he was a real professional and really took time to sit down and chat with us. Below you will find a picture from our second meeting and some people say its scary to look at this picture. I dont know, at the time it was taken we were all pretty excited and it was about the best thing that ever had happened to my kids, and me. So we remember it for what it was then, whatever happened afterwards is another story but we are of course well aware of it as well and as everyone else we feel it was a dispiccable act.

The sign that we made and that Chris Benoit also has seen. He liked it, not much more to say than that the sign and the text "Always a champ" is for what he did in the ring. In real life, at the end, that text does not apply!

Shannon Moore wrestling sign

Due to us beeing really busy we have not really had time to upload any signs for some time now but at last we are back, with a bunch and starting with Shannon Moore.

This sign is a simple sign, no pictures, nothing fancy just plain text. It kind of speaks for itself and we do mean it when we say "GIVE US MOORE SHANNON". Shannon Moore is a great competitor and he is really fun to watch. We are quite happy that he has had a small push forward and quite a few matches on television as a part of a tagteam with Jimmy Wang Yang.

The sign we brought along to Barcelona but we are not quite sure that Shannon saw it at the arena. However, we met him and Matt Hardy at the airport the next day so we were happy anyway!