Paul London wrestling sign

"High flying, death defying", I thought we had quite a good catchphrase there when we made the sign. We never got a chance to show it for Paul. We did sit, nearly, beside him in the lobby at the hotel but since he met some friends we never wanted to disturb him. Mind you, he is still in the WWE so we might get a chance another time.

The Miz wrestling sign

We have never seen the Miz live but we hope to and the fact that he has survived my wrestling sign curse is promising. This one was made in september last year and we thought that the ECW were coming along with Smackdown to Barcelona, as billed, but they never did. I got the idea for the sign from the musical Ain´t Misbehavin so what I did was just look at a poster from the musical and then just alter and add som text. I am sure the Miz would appreciate this one.

Kid Kash wrestling sign

Another wrestler who left the WWE before we got to use the sign. Kid Kash had a brief stint in the WWE but as soon as we decided to make a sign his faith was sealed. We do not do that may any more because its hard beeing responsible for all these lay-offs! Not a bad sign thou.

Doug Basham wrestling sign

Doug Basham, the first WWE Superstar I ever spoke (if we disregard a brief meeting with JBL on a Helsinki street) to. At the time thou I did not know the guy was a WWE Superstar! My son and I had gone up to the breakfastroom at the Hotel and we were simply amazed that all the wrestlers were sitting down there for breakfast, we were staying at the same hotel as them! I was up at the buffét and this bald guy with a Unforgiven T-shirt came up beside me and took some eggs. He said, -"Good morning"! I said good morning as well thinking that this was one of the crewguys and asked him politely if he thought if it was possible that me and my son asked the wrestlers for autographs and perhaps a photo when they were leaving the breakfastroom. He said, -"Sure, no problem" so we finished our breakfast and went outside the breakfastroom and waited. When they came along we stood up and asked but when this guy came out we just sat there in our chairs. He said, -"What about the photo and the autograph"? I stood up and pushed my son, who had no clue, forward and the guy wrote "Doug Basham" and then we understood. At the time the Bashams were new in the WWE and we had heard about them but just seen them once or twice on our computer (Sweden did not, and still does not, send the WWE shows on the TV). Doug was ever so nice and after that meeting he was one of our favorites.

I decided of course to make a sign later which I did. However the next time the WWE came to Finland the Bashams had split up and Doug had a new gimmick so I had to alter the sign and add hair, moustasche and sunglasses. It did not come out that well. And of course, as soon as we made the sign, Doug was forced to leave the WWE so we never used it, story of my life!

My son and Doug Basham, we had just figured out who he was!

Chris Benoit part 2 wrestling sign

This is another of our Chris Benoit wrestling signs. The other you can see in an earlier post. Not much more to say here, most of it has already been said.

Below you can see my son and Chris Benoit the first time we met him. Ever so charming and thoughtful and it was one of the highpoints of that particular trip. Somehow we feel a bit ashamed for that even thou we know we should not. At the time, Chris was a hero, that time has sadly passed.

Brian Hebner wrestling sign

This one has never been used since after we made it Brian Hebner left the WWE. Its the curse of the wrestling signs all over again! We think its quite witty thou and there are not very many signs for the refs out there so I am sure it would have been spotted.