Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Not much to say about this sign since its not a real original idea. This one we made just before leaving to Barcelona this year and we could not come up with anything else on such short notice. Even though its a simple design it took ages to fix the stars. WE never got to show it to Hacksaw, he walked by us without us noticing him in his glasses and cap. When he boarded the bus we understood what we missed!


Rey Mysterio, the re-run

Well, if you have been into this blog earlier you have probably already seen our Rey Mysterio-sign. We know that Rey has done it as well at various events but know he has been extremly close to it as well. We met Rey in Barcelona this year and finally we had the guts to ask the masked superstar for a photograph when he did not have his mask on. What he thought about the sign? Well, look in Reys left hand, sweet!

My son, the sign and the ultra-cool Rey Mysterio


Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon

Now this is a total rip-off from British Petroleums old logo but I just could not resist doing this one since I thought the text was kind of catchy. And I think the sign turned out nice as well. Unfortunately we never got to show it to Ms Phoenix, she did pass us in the lobby at the hotel we were staying at but we were not prepared! We had all the signs and stuff in our room since we did not think we were staying at the same hotel as the WWE. As soon as we discovered that we did we got the stuff but we never met the Glamazon again. Hopefully there will be another time.


Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

Creating signs is sometimes not so easy, simply because one runs out of good ideas. I have made quite a few bad signs in my days, but also some good ones. I guess this one is in between. The sign is for the tagteam Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes and can of course only be used in Barcelona. Its a simple design and I could probably have added a little more but time was not something I had a lot of when this one was made. Quite happy with it though in spite of that we never got to show it to DiBiase & Rhodes. We did however meet both the wrestlers and thats two other stories that will be told in another one of our blogs.


R-Truth is on the Smackdown-roster and we never got to meet any of them this time in Barcelona. We had of course made some new signs for the Superstars and for R-Truth, or Ron Killings, we made one without any drawings. I thought that the message on the sign was more than enough!R-Truth is on the Smackdown-roster and we never got to meet any of them this time in Barcelona. We had of course made some new signs for the Superstars and for R-Truth, or Ron Killings, we made one without any drawings, just a little different colours on the letters to give it a lift. I thought that the message on the sign was more than enough!

Mickie James

What can one say about Mickie James? A lot I guess and all of it positive. When we made the Mickie James-sign we truly ment what we wrote. She was alone worth every penny that we paid for the trip. Its one of my We flew in from Sweden...-signs and nobody deserves it more than her.

My son and Mickie James and the sign. Afterwards we got a hug and the sign got a kiss from Mickie!

The sign and of course Mickie James is written in gold.

Mickies lips left an inprint and needless to say we are keeping this sign, forever!

Cryme Tyme

We have never seen Cryme Tyme before so naturally we had to make a sign for them before going to Barcelona. What I did was just steal one of their catchphrases and added the Spanish flags colours and the colours of Barcelonas football-team. I also tried to write the letters in a kind of graffiti-style. Not to bad...

... and it appears that Shad Gaspar also liked it. Shad was also one of the nicest wrestlers we have met and we have met a few!

Santino Marella

One of our recent favorites in the WWE is Santino Marella. He cuts promos like no other and I would say that he is the most popular "heel" the WWE has today. The Internet show Santinos Casa is a must every week and there was no doubt that a sign had to be created for him before we went to Barcelona.

As you can see the sign plays with Santinos Italian heritage but foremost his own joke about the importance of having a uni-brow.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Santino in Barcelona and he truly is a nice person so both me and my sons favorite team now is of course Santino Uni-ted.

Me and Santino Marella...

...and Santino and my son.



Recently home from Barcelona after seeing two shows with the WWE, Smackdown/ECW and RAW we have a few more signs to show (plus some old ones as well). The first one is basically a copy of the one we had last year for Torrie Wilson. Unfortunately we were not as lucky with this one because we never got to meet Maria, even though we saw her at the show, and she never saw the sign even though my son was holding it up high. I am still quite happy with this one and especially the leopardpattern I managed to draw. We do have another "We flew in..."-sign as well, and that one is dedicated to Mickie James (who is actually worth the trip for real). We were however extremly lucky with that sign and I will come back about that later.

We saw Maria, but she never saw the sign!

Hopefully we will get to show this one for Maria one day and I am sure she will appreciate the pattern, and the message!


Paul London wrestling sign

"High flying, death defying", I thought we had quite a good catchphrase there when we made the sign. We never got a chance to show it for Paul. We did sit, nearly, beside him in the lobby at the hotel but since he met some friends we never wanted to disturb him. Mind you, he is still in the WWE so we might get a chance another time.

The Miz wrestling sign

We have never seen the Miz live but we hope to and the fact that he has survived my wrestling sign curse is promising. This one was made in september last year and we thought that the ECW were coming along with Smackdown to Barcelona, as billed, but they never did. I got the idea for the sign from the musical Ain´t Misbehavin so what I did was just look at a poster from the musical and then just alter and add som text. I am sure the Miz would appreciate this one.

Kid Kash wrestling sign

Another wrestler who left the WWE before we got to use the sign. Kid Kash had a brief stint in the WWE but as soon as we decided to make a sign his faith was sealed. We do not do that may any more because its hard beeing responsible for all these lay-offs! Not a bad sign thou.

Doug Basham wrestling sign

Doug Basham, the first WWE Superstar I ever spoke (if we disregard a brief meeting with JBL on a Helsinki street) to. At the time thou I did not know the guy was a WWE Superstar! My son and I had gone up to the breakfastroom at the Hotel and we were simply amazed that all the wrestlers were sitting down there for breakfast, we were staying at the same hotel as them! I was up at the buffét and this bald guy with a Unforgiven T-shirt came up beside me and took some eggs. He said, -"Good morning"! I said good morning as well thinking that this was one of the crewguys and asked him politely if he thought if it was possible that me and my son asked the wrestlers for autographs and perhaps a photo when they were leaving the breakfastroom. He said, -"Sure, no problem" so we finished our breakfast and went outside the breakfastroom and waited. When they came along we stood up and asked but when this guy came out we just sat there in our chairs. He said, -"What about the photo and the autograph"? I stood up and pushed my son, who had no clue, forward and the guy wrote "Doug Basham" and then we understood. At the time the Bashams were new in the WWE and we had heard about them but just seen them once or twice on our computer (Sweden did not, and still does not, send the WWE shows on the TV). Doug was ever so nice and after that meeting he was one of our favorites.

I decided of course to make a sign later which I did. However the next time the WWE came to Finland the Bashams had split up and Doug had a new gimmick so I had to alter the sign and add hair, moustasche and sunglasses. It did not come out that well. And of course, as soon as we made the sign, Doug was forced to leave the WWE so we never used it, story of my life!

My son and Doug Basham, we had just figured out who he was!

Chris Benoit part 2 wrestling sign

This is another of our Chris Benoit wrestling signs. The other you can see in an earlier post. Not much more to say here, most of it has already been said.

Below you can see my son and Chris Benoit the first time we met him. Ever so charming and thoughtful and it was one of the highpoints of that particular trip. Somehow we feel a bit ashamed for that even thou we know we should not. At the time, Chris was a hero, that time has sadly passed.

Brian Hebner wrestling sign

This one has never been used since after we made it Brian Hebner left the WWE. Its the curse of the wrestling signs all over again! We think its quite witty thou and there are not very many signs for the refs out there so I am sure it would have been spotted.


Hardcore Holly wrestling sign

He looks a bit crazy on this sign, Hardcore Holly! This was when I was stuck with trying to draw the wrestlers faces and as you can see I was not very succesfull here either. This was the first of our "We came to see..."-signs and it serves its purpose but thats about it. We once met Hardcore in the restaurant at the hotel we were staying at in Finland. He stopped by our table and said a few words, signed two autographs and then walked along to where the other wrestlers were sitting. One thing one can say about Hardcore is that he had huge biceps and beeing slammed by him must hurt like h...

Big Vito wrestling sign

Here is another example of our wrestlingsign-curse. As soon as we did this one Big Vito changed his character and starting wearing a skirt. Somehow the message "The Real Italian Stallion" seemed a bit out of touch. I proceeded in drawing anothoer Vito-sign where I used the movie-poster from the famous Marilyn Monroe-movie "The Seven Year Itch" but as soon as I had sketched it up, Vito was fired! So that one went into the dumpster. However we got to use this sign at one event but I doubt that Vito saw us, just like the time we met him in a hotel-lobby!

Scotty 2 Hotty wrestlingsign

There is not much to say about this one since we never have used it. Scotty was billed a few times for the events that we have been to but he has never been there so the sign has always stayed in the suitcase. Its not a bad sign, suits Scottys image but since he has left the WWE I seriously doubt that we ever will get to use it.


MVP wrestling sign

Another sign that took some time to make but still is very simple. We thought for a long time on what to write on a sign for Montel Vontavius Porter, MVP, and all that we could come up with was "BETTER". MVP beeing a kind of a flashy player needed a little more bling than that so thats were the stars in gold and silver came in. We have never met MVP, we were quite close to where he was sitting at the airport in Barcelona but since he had his headphones on we did not want to disturb him. Anyways, the sign is OK but I think we will produce another one till next time we go and see the WWE.

Charlie Haas wrestling sign

Sometimes less is more and thats probably the right words for this sign that we made for Charlie Haas. Its a simple sign with straight text and some shading. Once again I have used the wrestlers name to give the sign a twist and all I can say is that I am happy with it and that I am quite sure that Charlie Haas would be as well. We have met Charlie briefly so we never got time to take a photograph but my son got an autograph that sits in his album. Maybe next time there will be a minute or so over for a photo, especially if we have the sign with us.

Victoria wrestling sign

Another simple sign with a plain message, "Victoria, a real stunner!". And there is not much more to say about that text, Victoria is a real stunner in the ring and she will stunn anyone with her "Widows Peak". In real life, she is a stunner too and that can be seen in the photograph below the sign.

We had a brief meeting with Victoria and she was really nice to us. She did have a remark about my daughters Trish Stratus T-shirt, but with a smile, so we promised to get a nice Victoria-one for her instead. Its already done!

Joey Mercury wrestling sign

This is another wrestler that has been struck by our wrestlingsign-curse, as soon as we make one, the wrestler gets fired our quits! This sign is for Joey Mercury, once a part of the tagteam MNM with Johnny Nitro and Melina. Now Johnny is no longer Nitro, he is Morrison, Melina is no longer with the MNM and Joey is no longer with the WWE.

The sign, which is a rather large one, is a play with words and we are quite happy with it. We thought that "MERCURY IS NOT A PLANET, MERCURY IS A STAR, A WWE-STAR" was quite witty! Also the "Joey"-background and the WWE-logo was not to shabby.

Here is my kids with Joey Mercury when we met him and you cant really see it on the photo but he does have quite a nasty bump in the head after he took a doomsday-device from Animal & Heidenreich the night before that did not work out as planned.

Chris Benoit wrestling sign

We were not sure if we should show this sign or not, considering what Chris Benoit did to his family, and to himself. After much concideration we still thought that we should. At the time we made the sign Chris Benoit was still alive so what we wrote then we did mean. We still think that Chris benoit was a great wrestler and the two separate occations we met him at he was a real professional and really took time to sit down and chat with us. Below you will find a picture from our second meeting and some people say its scary to look at this picture. I dont know, at the time it was taken we were all pretty excited and it was about the best thing that ever had happened to my kids, and me. So we remember it for what it was then, whatever happened afterwards is another story but we are of course well aware of it as well and as everyone else we feel it was a dispiccable act.

The sign that we made and that Chris Benoit also has seen. He liked it, not much more to say than that the sign and the text "Always a champ" is for what he did in the ring. In real life, at the end, that text does not apply!

Shannon Moore wrestling sign

Due to us beeing really busy we have not really had time to upload any signs for some time now but at last we are back, with a bunch and starting with Shannon Moore.

This sign is a simple sign, no pictures, nothing fancy just plain text. It kind of speaks for itself and we do mean it when we say "GIVE US MOORE SHANNON". Shannon Moore is a great competitor and he is really fun to watch. We are quite happy that he has had a small push forward and quite a few matches on television as a part of a tagteam with Jimmy Wang Yang.

The sign we brought along to Barcelona but we are not quite sure that Shannon saw it at the arena. However, we met him and Matt Hardy at the airport the next day so we were happy anyway!


Triple H wrestling signs

Triple H is one of our all time favorites and we have of course made a couple of signs to cheer for him. The first one on display here is our "The past, the present, the future"-sign and we are quite happy with the message but I could have done some more with the layout. Its a good sign thou and I am quite sure HHH would enjoy it, at least more than the second sign I have made.

The second sign was actually one of the first signs I ever made. Its a caricature and I am not sure if the King of Kings would be entirely pleased with it. I found a caricature on the net and then I tried to copy it a bit and add some of my own. I am most pleased with the shirt that I drew and overall its an OK sign but I decided to stay away from the caricature-part in the future.

And as an extra bonus I have added the photo I took of The Game and my kids when we met him in Helsinki Finland. He is a really nice person, like most wrestlers are, and it was quite cool to meet the man in person.

Jamie Noble wrestling sign

Here is a "easy made"-sign featuring Jamie Noble. The easy part is that I never drew anything, I just wrote and that cuts down on the worktime quite a lot. Still we are quite happy with the result and I am sure Jamie would have been as happy as us if he would have seen it! He did not since it was in our bag we did get a chance to exchange a few words and take a photo of him and my son (more photos of our meetings with wrestlers and divas can be found at http://macgregor.webblogg.se/wrestling/ , just scroll down to the arcive and work your way up).

So to the important part, the actual sign. Just text as I wrote but I thought I was quite witty coming up with "The Noble art of aggression". We will keep it and use it the next time because we do like Mr Noble who was quite a nice guy even thou he does not look so happy on the photo!

Jeff Hardy wrestling sign

As you can see this sign is made to pay hommage to Jeff Hardy whom we have never met! We have met his brother Matt, the nicest person and superstar ever, three times so it would be nice to once meet Jeff as well. Till then we are prepared with this sign and we will prably make a new one as well since I am not entirely happy with this one. The inspiration I got from one of my Hardy Boyz T-shirts and I also borrowed the fonts from the AIR JORDAN-logo. The message "Air Hardy always connects" is not half bad but I still feel there is something missing. And yes once again, this took forever to finish with all the detailing and the colours.

Deuce and Domino wrestling sign

Deuce and Domino are a quite new tagteam in the WWE, at least they were quite new when I made the sign, and they are currently on Smackdown. Its hard to come up with ideas if you have not seen the wrestlers so much so here I went more for the visual than for the text. What I did was basically steal the logo from the Marvel character DareDevil och put Deuce & Dominos names beside it. Its an OK sign and the colours helps it get noticed but thats about it. We never got a chance to speak to D & D at the airport, they were sort of busy so we just kept in the background but it would be nice to flaunt the sign in front of them one of these days. As always, this also took time, but its the extinsive colouring and I do have to think that thru if I am going to massproduce new signs for the next event we will be attending. But thats if of course since nothing has been decided yet.


The Major Brothers wrestling signs

Making "easy to see"-signs are what we do know instead of drawing faces. When I do draw faces it usually comes out so bad I cannot use the signs, this is an example on how the signs can get to be unusable even though I did not draw faces. This one we made just before going to Barcelona but since the Major Brothers were not on the tour we never used it. And it did not take long before the WWE changed the Major Brothers gimmicks to Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, the Edgeheads! So this was a waste of time and you could say that it was a Major f-u! Otherwise we were quite happy with it but it will now of course never be used.

Christian Cage, Captain Charisma wrestling signs

Here are two signs I made when Christian (Cage) was still in the WWE (he is now currently in the TNA). Both signs were made in my facepainting days and they are therefore not so good. What I did was try to play with Christians catchphrases on the first one and the message, the peepulations choice is not to bad but thats not enough to make a good sign. I was not at all happy with it so I quickly made another one.

The second sign was inspired by all the electionposters you see and Captain Charisma for President was not a bad message to put on a sign, sadly enough I had to draw another face and you see how that ended up. We have met Christian but the signs were in our room at the time so the photo we took of him and my kids is without the signs. Would you like to see that photo, and a bunch of others, you can just go to http://macgregor.webblogg.se/wrestling/ were we publish pictures from all our meetings with WWE Superstars.

Teddy Long wrestling sign

Teddy Long is not a wrestler but since he "is" the General Manager of Smackdown we felt we had to make a sign for him as well. We were not sure if he was going to be along on the tour but for safety we made one, that was lucky! At this time Teddy was caught up in a storyline with Eric Bischoff who was the GM of RAW so thats what we used when creating the sign. The week after the tour Teddy had a match against Eric at the Survivor Series so what else was there to write but Teddy Long whips Bischoff any day of the week. I tried to write it in the Smackdown logo fonts and the RAW-logo fonts and the sign came out so so. Teddy Long on the other hand loved it!

Below you see my son and daughter (this must have been 2004 or 2005) together with Teddy Long and the sign. Seeing the sign Teddy said, -Just you wait another week and then you will see how true it is! He posed for quite a few photos and we also had a really nice chat with him. My daughter really liked him because he asked what her and her bunnys name was before he wrote autographs. Of course he got us to say Holla Holla! Nice guy, I will have to make a better and more fitting sign for the next time we go to a Smackdown event.


Jimmy Wang Yang wrestling sign

Not much to say about this one. I made it just before we went to Barcelona last fall and I did not come up with anything catchy so I let the picture speak instead. Since I am not doing faces anymore I am quite happy with this one. It stands out and is easily spotted in a crowd. We did meet, overstatement, Jimmy at the airport but since he just walked pass us when he was going to the check-in we never really got time to speak to him. We should have had the sign up, maybe he would have stopped then. We will keep the sign till next time, it does not go out of date, or until Jimmy changes his gimmick, if he ever does. Anyways, it took some time to make but as we said

The Big Show wrestling signs

Thinking of the Big Show we needed something big so the signs I made for him are, big! Unfortunately they were made during my "face-painting"-period and therefore they are not very good. As an extra bonus I made the signs during his "shaved"-period, which did not last long, so the signs were out of date before we got to use them. We have met Big Show once and he was really a huge person with huge hands. One of the best photos we have of my kids with wrestlers, and we do have a lot, is the one with Big Show, the size difference is staggering and that makes it a special photo. Big Show was, as most wrestlers are, a nice person and he did seem to have a good sense of humour as well. Anyway, the first sign, "Chokeslam me to oblivion" is the one you see below. The only thing I was happy about with this one was his Tiger-tattoo that actually looks real good, the rest, well, try another one was my first thought!

And thats just what I did! Unforunately the second sign came out crappy as well. I like the slogan that I came up with, "The Big Show, so big it hurts", which can be read in many ways, but since I went for antoher facejob it just sucked. News on the Internet is saying that the Big Show is coming out of retirement and has signed a new deal with the WWE so I will just have to make a good sign for him the next time. Not necessarily big, I think thats were I went wrong for starters.

I have this blog for some time now and I do have quite a few visitors but I am yet to see the first comment on the actual blog (even thou people comment this on swewrestling.com) so it would be nice, if you like it or hate it or whatever if you just wrote down something. It would be appreciated.