Triple H wrestling signs

Triple H is one of our all time favorites and we have of course made a couple of signs to cheer for him. The first one on display here is our "The past, the present, the future"-sign and we are quite happy with the message but I could have done some more with the layout. Its a good sign thou and I am quite sure HHH would enjoy it, at least more than the second sign I have made.

The second sign was actually one of the first signs I ever made. Its a caricature and I am not sure if the King of Kings would be entirely pleased with it. I found a caricature on the net and then I tried to copy it a bit and add some of my own. I am most pleased with the shirt that I drew and overall its an OK sign but I decided to stay away from the caricature-part in the future.

And as an extra bonus I have added the photo I took of The Game and my kids when we met him in Helsinki Finland. He is a really nice person, like most wrestlers are, and it was quite cool to meet the man in person.

Jamie Noble wrestling sign

Here is a "easy made"-sign featuring Jamie Noble. The easy part is that I never drew anything, I just wrote and that cuts down on the worktime quite a lot. Still we are quite happy with the result and I am sure Jamie would have been as happy as us if he would have seen it! He did not since it was in our bag we did get a chance to exchange a few words and take a photo of him and my son (more photos of our meetings with wrestlers and divas can be found at http://macgregor.webblogg.se/wrestling/ , just scroll down to the arcive and work your way up).

So to the important part, the actual sign. Just text as I wrote but I thought I was quite witty coming up with "The Noble art of aggression". We will keep it and use it the next time because we do like Mr Noble who was quite a nice guy even thou he does not look so happy on the photo!

Jeff Hardy wrestling sign

As you can see this sign is made to pay hommage to Jeff Hardy whom we have never met! We have met his brother Matt, the nicest person and superstar ever, three times so it would be nice to once meet Jeff as well. Till then we are prepared with this sign and we will prably make a new one as well since I am not entirely happy with this one. The inspiration I got from one of my Hardy Boyz T-shirts and I also borrowed the fonts from the AIR JORDAN-logo. The message "Air Hardy always connects" is not half bad but I still feel there is something missing. And yes once again, this took forever to finish with all the detailing and the colours.

Deuce and Domino wrestling sign

Deuce and Domino are a quite new tagteam in the WWE, at least they were quite new when I made the sign, and they are currently on Smackdown. Its hard to come up with ideas if you have not seen the wrestlers so much so here I went more for the visual than for the text. What I did was basically steal the logo from the Marvel character DareDevil och put Deuce & Dominos names beside it. Its an OK sign and the colours helps it get noticed but thats about it. We never got a chance to speak to D & D at the airport, they were sort of busy so we just kept in the background but it would be nice to flaunt the sign in front of them one of these days. As always, this also took time, but its the extinsive colouring and I do have to think that thru if I am going to massproduce new signs for the next event we will be attending. But thats if of course since nothing has been decided yet.


The Major Brothers wrestling signs

Making "easy to see"-signs are what we do know instead of drawing faces. When I do draw faces it usually comes out so bad I cannot use the signs, this is an example on how the signs can get to be unusable even though I did not draw faces. This one we made just before going to Barcelona but since the Major Brothers were not on the tour we never used it. And it did not take long before the WWE changed the Major Brothers gimmicks to Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, the Edgeheads! So this was a waste of time and you could say that it was a Major f-u! Otherwise we were quite happy with it but it will now of course never be used.

Christian Cage, Captain Charisma wrestling signs

Here are two signs I made when Christian (Cage) was still in the WWE (he is now currently in the TNA). Both signs were made in my facepainting days and they are therefore not so good. What I did was try to play with Christians catchphrases on the first one and the message, the peepulations choice is not to bad but thats not enough to make a good sign. I was not at all happy with it so I quickly made another one.

The second sign was inspired by all the electionposters you see and Captain Charisma for President was not a bad message to put on a sign, sadly enough I had to draw another face and you see how that ended up. We have met Christian but the signs were in our room at the time so the photo we took of him and my kids is without the signs. Would you like to see that photo, and a bunch of others, you can just go to http://macgregor.webblogg.se/wrestling/ were we publish pictures from all our meetings with WWE Superstars.

Teddy Long wrestling sign

Teddy Long is not a wrestler but since he "is" the General Manager of Smackdown we felt we had to make a sign for him as well. We were not sure if he was going to be along on the tour but for safety we made one, that was lucky! At this time Teddy was caught up in a storyline with Eric Bischoff who was the GM of RAW so thats what we used when creating the sign. The week after the tour Teddy had a match against Eric at the Survivor Series so what else was there to write but Teddy Long whips Bischoff any day of the week. I tried to write it in the Smackdown logo fonts and the RAW-logo fonts and the sign came out so so. Teddy Long on the other hand loved it!

Below you see my son and daughter (this must have been 2004 or 2005) together with Teddy Long and the sign. Seeing the sign Teddy said, -Just you wait another week and then you will see how true it is! He posed for quite a few photos and we also had a really nice chat with him. My daughter really liked him because he asked what her and her bunnys name was before he wrote autographs. Of course he got us to say Holla Holla! Nice guy, I will have to make a better and more fitting sign for the next time we go to a Smackdown event.