Heidenreich & Animal, LOD sign

Well this sign is from my "facepainting"-days, its quite obvious considering what you see. Its from when Heidenreich teamed up with Animal to form the new Legion of Doom. Its not one of my best signs, the face painted ones seldom are, but its still OK since I got to cover up the faces with paint. It hides the fact that I am not very good with faces. We did meet both Animal and Heidenreich and got a nice photo taken with them and my kids and a nice little chat as well before they were going out to dinner. Not much more to say about this one so here goes, but then again, if anybody has anything to say, about this sign or any other signs, I would deeply appreciate any comments you could give.

John Cena sign

This sign did not come out as well as I wanted to since I completely f-up the snipersight which is supposed to be round! There is something about round shapes that I just cant hack! Anyway, the idea of the sign is not to bad, its original, I do not think I have ever seen "Fas-CENA-ting" on any other signs, at least not when I drew this sign which was some time ago, and the whole theme is fairly catchy. So if it was not for the round shapes it would have been good. We have never spoken to Cena, we were in the same hotel-lobby as him in the beginning of his career but since he was busy talking to other wrestlers we never went up to speak to him. I might make a new one if we know he will be coming to any of the shows we go to but I will be sure to work on round bits a bit more!

The Great Khali sign

This sign we made just before going to Barcelona this year and my son helped to fill in the colours at the hotel we stayed in at Arlanda airport the night before we left for Barcelona. So you could say its a last minute job. Beeing a giant (well close to!) we thought that the "Towering Inferno" (idea stolen from the old movie starring Steve McQueen of course) would be suitable for a sign and then adding Khalis silhouette as a final touch. Not to shabby, at least thats what we think! We do not know what Khali thinks thou. We did meet him at the Barcelona airport and the man was really huge but we never communicated with him, or rather, he never communicated with us. He was standing a mere few feets away from us so I took one step forward and asked him politely if I could take a photo of him and my son but he did not answer. As I was uncertain that if he really heard me, I got no reaction what so ever, I asked politely again, - Excuse me Mr Khali, would it be possible if I could take a photo of you and my son, we are really big wrestling fans? He turned his head and looked at me and the turned it again and kept ignoring me. I felt it was a good time to stop asking so I just took a quick step back. It would have been nice with a, -No thank you, but its OK with us anyway. We now they have a tight schedule and you cant always be on the top every day. We will keep the sign thou, one never knows, we might use it again.

Rowdy Roddy Piper sign

This was a "one-time"-sign since Rowdy Roddy Piper is not a fulltime member of the WWE-roster. However he is a wrestling icon so when we learned that he was coming with the Smackdown-roster to Helsinki we just had to create a sign. Its a large sign and it actually took "forever" to make. Firts it was hard to figure out what to write but after sometime, me and my son discussing, we thought it would be fun if it somehow pointed out the fact that Piper was coming to Finland. So we started out with F-antastic, I-con, N-o! Lets do Helsinki instead. I tried to use the same fonts as used on the Piper T-shirts and the sign did not come out half bad, in fact it was quite good! And yes, we know he is not scottish!

We met Piper at the hotel but one could say that he was a bit to intoxicated to really appreciate the sign so we kept it in the bag. However he was extremly pleasant and nice and we talked to him a few times and the kids also got autographs and a very nice photo with him. Roddy Piper and his new tagteam-mates as he said himself. Anyway, check the sign out below.


Carlito wrestling sign

This is one of my signs that have never been anywhere and never will be either! I drew this one in hope of us getting to see Carlito at an event but whenever we have been to one he has either been injured, off the roster for the tour or just changed brands. Now it seem that Carlito will be leaving the WWE so we will just have to store it with all the other unusable signs. Anyway, this one I was happy with, kind of funny and it stands out in a crowd. The hair took forever to draw!

Batista wrestling signs

Once again I tried to draw a face and once again I failed. I have no idea how I managed to give Batista those lips (he might have been thinking of Melina, or maybe I was!) and the eyes just look crazy instead of the intimidating look I was after. Mind you, I am happy with the Superman-logo and the simple text "Superman" since that is the way Batista is portrayed when wrestling. Batista is one of the nice guys, not only in the ring but outside as well. When we met him he was still in the "Evolution"-stable and therefore a bad guy but he did take time to talk to us and pose for a photo. Out of character the man was charming.

I also made the sign below for Batista. Its quite a common sign and you see variations of it on every WWE-show but I still think this one came out pretty well.

Randy Orton wrestling sign

We have of course made a sign for the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Sadly enough I made it during the period when I tried to draw the wrestlers faces and as you can see below I once again utterly failed. The idea for the sign is good, the background with the large RKO-letters in red and the text "Randy Orton, a legend on his own" I am happy with. I am even happy with the posture of Randy but the drawing of the face sucks! It does not do Randy justice anywhere! Randy however does not suck. We have met the man twice and he has been nothing but great to us on both occasions. The last time we met him we sat in a hotel-lobby full with wrestlers but since JBL had sort of snubbed my daughter off we decided we should just sit there and not try to disturb any of the stars. As we were sitting there Randy left his luggage, came up to us and asked how we were, gave the kids autographs and posed for a great photo. A little chitt-chatting and the two-three minutes that Randy gave away by free will to us meant a lot to the kids, and me! So it does not matter if Randy portrays the bad guy or not when he is wrestling, we still cheer for him and I will be sure to make a good sign the next time we see a show with him.