Randy Orton wrestling sign

We have of course made a sign for the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Sadly enough I made it during the period when I tried to draw the wrestlers faces and as you can see below I once again utterly failed. The idea for the sign is good, the background with the large RKO-letters in red and the text "Randy Orton, a legend on his own" I am happy with. I am even happy with the posture of Randy but the drawing of the face sucks! It does not do Randy justice anywhere! Randy however does not suck. We have met the man twice and he has been nothing but great to us on both occasions. The last time we met him we sat in a hotel-lobby full with wrestlers but since JBL had sort of snubbed my daughter off we decided we should just sit there and not try to disturb any of the stars. As we were sitting there Randy left his luggage, came up to us and asked how we were, gave the kids autographs and posed for a great photo. A little chitt-chatting and the two-three minutes that Randy gave away by free will to us meant a lot to the kids, and me! So it does not matter if Randy portrays the bad guy or not when he is wrestling, we still cheer for him and I will be sure to make a good sign the next time we see a show with him.

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