Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Not much to say about this sign since its not a real original idea. This one we made just before leaving to Barcelona this year and we could not come up with anything else on such short notice. Even though its a simple design it took ages to fix the stars. WE never got to show it to Hacksaw, he walked by us without us noticing him in his glasses and cap. When he boarded the bus we understood what we missed!


Rey Mysterio, the re-run

Well, if you have been into this blog earlier you have probably already seen our Rey Mysterio-sign. We know that Rey has done it as well at various events but know he has been extremly close to it as well. We met Rey in Barcelona this year and finally we had the guts to ask the masked superstar for a photograph when he did not have his mask on. What he thought about the sign? Well, look in Reys left hand, sweet!

My son, the sign and the ultra-cool Rey Mysterio