CM Punk sign

This is kind of a last minute job. We do like CM Punk but we have never had any reason to make a Punk-sign since he has never been on the roster of the events we have been to. Finding out that the Smackdown-event in Barcelona was going to be a Smackdown/ECW-show I quickly threw myself on to the drawing board. No time for thinking so I just grabbed a Pepsi-bottle and tried to copy the logo. It came out well and I am particulary proud of the "shine" that is around the logo (it looks much better in real, mainly because I used a light-blue glitter pen). We brought the sign to Barcelona, qued up for the event with our tickets where it read Smackdown/ECW and lord and behold, there was not an ECW-wrestler in sight! We will just have to keep this sign but if we will be going to an event where CM Punk is going to perform, I will try to make a more original one.

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